Analysis breif
With this module I am expected to create a blog and use it to reveiw on my learning experience. I will aqquire the skills to do mind mapping, swot analysis, report writing, referencing, problem solving, reflection on my own work and organisation. Also with in the blog I need include inspirational people, images and vidoes that motivate and influence me. I will be able to set acheivable targets and goals.

I have found it quite difficult to keep writing in my diary on a daily basis as easy as it sounds, but I really have to force myself to write. I enjoy updateing my blog but not every week, I like to update it when I see something inspirational and not just do it for the sake of it. I dont really find the blog useful as I would rather map my emotions and interests into a sketchbook for me to look back on and reflect. I have found it quite difficult to keep up with this module as I do with many written projects as I just cant get into them and find myself more of a visual learner and enjoy more creative projects. But the plus side is that I did think the mind mapping and swot analysis was very helpful and I will deffintly use this techniuqe in the future. Next year I will most definatly keep to a set timetable and use my time wisely as this is one of my weaknesses.