Monday, 2 May 2011

Branding project

I have been given A project for branding, so far I have really embraced and enjoyed it. I am expected to work in a group and come up with our own brand, we have to have a name, and logo for it. The group had debates and brainstorms on what to call our brand, so we eventually came up with the name 'Tempest' Which in the dictionary means storm. so we came upo with the slogan, Tempest, taking the fashion world by storm. we will cover shop reports where abouts in the market we are and each have a collection to design as our indivdual work. I chose to do childrenswear, As did steven so we compromised as a team and decided that I would do casual wear and he would do partywear.

My customer profile is based on children who aspire to be just like mammy, so my collection will consist of little grown up clothing. I decided to call my childrens wear for tempest; 'Tempest mini me'.
Each collection for every season will have a different name and story behind it. I have also created my own logo for Tempest mini me which is 3 little girls who each will have there own colour scheme's and collections and will be included in every story.
So my inspiration is called the enchanted garden. which is full of magical going ons and everything a little girl could ever dream of.

I Have spent alot of time on this project already, and intend on spending as much time as possible on it, to make it just right. I thourouly enjoyed colin reid coming in and giving us tips and help on how to get the best from this project. I enjoyed listening to his stories and I was very humble that he was there spending his own time with us.
 I want to show him the next time his in as much as possible and what I have done. So intend to work really hard and get every thing nearly finshed. Hopefully he will like it, but I also respect his opinion and if not right I will correct the problem asap.

Here is something that can inspire me for the theme:
The enchanted Garden

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