Monday, 2 May 2011

steampunk shirt process

This was the start of my twill  for my steampunk shirt. I had to do a twill first incase there was any alteration that needed to be done or if something didnt look quite right. I really enjoyed working in the sewing room and learned alot. Id much rather be doing pratical work, as I feel I learn much more when I do it myself than when I watch some one else do it. I will put the stages of my shirt through out this post and you can see the process i over went to get to my finished peice. I think this will also be good for me as I can reflect on what i have done and how I did it.

Once the bodice was done i added my coller and placket, and the frill down the front of the placket, which will be on both sides on my final proper shirt. I loved the process of making my shirt and could'nt wait to see how the next thing was done. When I first started college and we had our first go in the sewing room I was so nervous, i did'nt even no how to sew a straight line!!! But with determanation and concentration my sewing skills eventually got better. I learned how to thread the machine by looking at the already threaded machine next to me and everytime I sewed a new part of my shirt I thouht my sewing had  improved immensly.

There were parts of my shirt I found really difficult and i made lots of mistakes through out there process but I would sit and unpick the error and start again until I got it right. And if there was apart I really struggled on my teachers Lin & Dorothy were a big help and would help me out on anything I needed, either by showing me how its done or starting me off for me to finish. But with each mistake I made I gained a new skill and new that, that mistake would not vbe made again.

What my final shirt will look like

Here is the start of my final proper shirt, as you can see the middle is not sewn together, thats because the bottom part of the shirt is tight and the top part is loser.

When I sewed the mid section together I had to measure and line up the darts so the would be a perfect match. if they did not meet then that would meen my pattern was wrongly measured and i would have to go back and correct it. but luckily it was fine, as i done that process with my twill.
So once that was complete I added the frills and placket.
 Soon after i made my coller and attached it to the bodice before i added any arms as its easier to put on when theres less on the shirt.

when sewing my sleeves i found the leather arm to be quite difficult, as it was quite stiff

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