Monday, 2 May 2011

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I came across this video and this is exactly how I feel about coco chanel, I cant explain how much she inspires me. when I loose sight in every thing and loose motivation which i dont normally do, as im a very positive and self motivated person, but every now and then my energy levels will drop and I often feel like I will never make it as it seems so far away!! but I will watch coco before chanel , coco & igor, or read a book about her, even watch a you tube video and my adrenelin will rush to the top of my head and send shivers down my spine, And then I relise why I really want this career, I dont feel this way about anything else and that in its self shows I was born to do this. I think: Imagine waking up every day to that feeling knowing I am doing something I have wanted to do as a little girl, fufiling my dreams and aspirations. So when getting my motivation back my work improves and my passion floods back in.

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