Monday, 2 May 2011

Finished steampunk shirt

Here is my finished steampunk shirt, which I am extremely pleased of, Ive been dreaming of making a finshed garment for as long as I can remember.
Even though its not my preffered style I worked to the breif and created a steampunk, quirky shirt.

I used different tones of gold & bronze's, for the buttons, some were bigger than others and all had different pictures on.

When the girls from the industry came in to give us feed back on our shirts, they said to me that mine was overly designed and that I could of got 3/4 different shirts from just 1. Maybe's I was abit over enthusiastic and because it was my first design I wanted to fit in as many things as possible. But then again when I researched steampunk garments I came across mant enthusiastic ones, and I got the impression of steampunk being quite fetish like. which is why I wanted my shirt to be quite sexy and edgy at the same time. Thats where the suspenders came in.

In all I have really enjoyed this project, learning the whole outcome was exciting, from inspiration boards, colour & fabric boards, to designs and flats. It has been amazing going through each step. Espeically looking at my finished peice. Coming from my brain to paper then to become an actual real garment is amazing. I cant wait for future pratical projects and actually using my newley developed skills in the real world.
I have learned so much that will last me a lifetime I just cant wait to learn more.

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